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Life is short, but I intend to make it sweet, interesting, fun-filled, great, awesome, beautiful and happy for as long as forever

When we love, it gives us the ability to see the beauty of humanity. Thus, giving us the courage to better our own lives

Be an inspiration to someone, be the cause of someone’s success

Our souls yearn to be loved, that same way, we should also learn to love others

Missing a good friend like you is part of my everyday life. I miss everything about you

I feel a part of me is missing whenever I’m away from you. I miss you so much

As we struggle, as we never consider to give up, as we hold on to our hustles, I pray the happy days come sooner

We should not only be brains filled with knowledge, but also hearts filled with love and kindness to humanity. Good morning

Life isn’t what we should attempt to analyze in a day, every day that passes comes with its own experiences

Thankful for where I am, excited about the journey ahead

We can only love us more but never less

Never let the fear of not having what you want to stop you from pursuing a course you believe in. Good morning

Always seize every time to prepare yourself for success

Let your forgiveness take away the guilt I feel, let it be a help to the burden I bear. I apologize for every little thing that ever happened

Honest advice always comes from a sister

Honest advice always comes from a sister

The night isn’t a time to feel sad for what we never achieved in the day, it is a time to think better about trying again. Goodnight

Every day is special to me because I got a sister to share it with

So many things to thank God for, but most importantly, for making you, my sister…

I can wait till eternity just to make her mine, but I can’t last a millisecond without her thought in my head

What a memorable day it was, the day I accidentally bumped into you on that trip, still one of the best days of my life, and now, I’m seriously missing you as I can’t live life without you

I woke up this morning with a dream. A dream to never lose hope. To never lose the light in my eyes, the spark on my face. I woke up with a dream to always be happy

Every moment, I get to come across something that reminds me about you, and then I keep missing you more

No distance can drive your love away from my heart, your love has a solid foundation in my heart

Do not ever forget loving your sibling

I bless the day I stopped needing anyone’s validation

I don’t know who’s luckier to have each other, you or I?

I thought everything was never going to be fine until I had the courage to make things become fine

Without love, the very essence of our existence may never be accomplished

Always try to change the world, no matter how small you contribute, you’ve tried to better humanity

As we enter yet another night, it is a proof to show that the day will surely come, I hope we live to see it. Goodnight

As we enter yet another night, it is a proof to show that the day will surely come, I hope we live to see it. Goodnight

I miss your beautiful glowing smiling face and everything that it holds

I miss all of you – your smile, your company, your sense of humour, like never before

I will keep believing. I’ll never say never. I’ll never lose faith. I’ll never quit. I won’t stop fighting, for happiness sake. Always fight for your happiness

Our nights may seem long, but there’s always a dawn after every night. Good morning friends, do have a productive day ahead

Nobody pulls my strings like my brother, likewise, nobody gets me mad like him

Always keep yourself busy doing what you believe in

Let’s stay strong through the struggle, and we’ll end up being happy that we did so. Good morning

For all the things I’ve done, for all the things I have failed to do, for the times I lied, I say sorry

People will always be people and some times there’ll hurt you. But you’ve got to decide to be happy through it all, no matter what

Being away from you is teaching myself another way of how to love, it’s working really well but it’s hard to live without you

No one would be worthy of this love but you

I miss seeing your beautiful smile every morning, and every night, I miss having you all to myself

Whether people envy you or not, always try to find happiness

Though we’re afar, though distance separates us, you’ll ever be in my heart. I miss you so much, dear

Experience what life offers, nothing is a waste

Experience what life offers, nothing is a waste

Do you want to know what brings me happiness? It’s a cup of tea and a chat with my sister

Always learn how to live by doing what you want

No failure should be considered to be too fatal, everything is achievable if we really need and work towards its accomplishment

I’m just going to keep on smiling and being happy with myself. Why? Because I believe that one day life would give up on annoying me

Brothers and sisters don’t rock as much as ours do

Always have the courage to believe it is all going to be well, nothing makes a man stronger than this

I’m on my way to buy clay. I’m creating my happiness. I’m moulding my future, where everything is bright and colorful with a happy ending

Either I’m asleep or awake, you’re always on my mind. I miss everything about you, my lovely friend

Forget all our fights, you’re and will ever be the most important person in my life, sis

One feels good when they’re loved by someone else, but learning how to love others brings more happiness and satisfaction because you’re contributing your quota in improving human life

Time flies, move with it and excel in life

Be happy, things don’t always have to turn out the way you want them to

It’s already a blissful morning, I pray we achieve our set goals today

If my heart loves again, it will still be her

Even my brother knows I’m the best there is

Even my brother knows I’m the best there is

I apologize to everyone I have ever wronged, whether deliberately or without my knowledge

My sister like no other is the best, on planet earth. No disputes

You’re not just a friend, you’re my best friend and I miss being with you

Inspiration is a seed you sow in order to reap success

The silence in my head is so loud with your laughter and giggles, not even the distance can stop your voice from entering my head

Can you hear the sound of the leaves rustling at the presence of the breeze I sent your way to listen carefully and you’d hear its whisper, I miss you, baby?

I will never waste a minute proving myself to anyone

I wish I could have you in my hands so I’ll never let you go away again, I miss you

I hope we achieved our set goals today, but if we did not, be optimistic and work her tomorrow. Goodnight

No matter how old I become, I would never grow out of love

We may be far from each other, hundreds of miles apart, but we’re not feeling the absence cause our love travels the distance to connect us

Love can be doubted but not between a brother and a sister

Courage should be a breakfast that ushers us into the day, and the dinner that keeps our hope high at the end of the day

I wouldn’t trade my happiness for anything, it’s expensive, it cost me a lot of friends. Hope I said that in the most friendly way possible?

I hope we continue to see the need to be courageous, I hope we never want to give up, I hope we get to achieve our set goals

I hope we continue to see the need to be courageous, I hope we never want to give up, I hope we get to achieve our set goals

We learn through time, it is the fire in which we burn

The very essence of our existence is to create positive impacts on the lives of others through love

Ever wondered what it feels like to have a sister’s love? Well, I can relate because I got one

There exist a fabulous love between a brother and his sister

Your absence, to me, isn’t a pleasant thing, but the distance now made it a torture, I wish you’re here now, by my side

Work like a lion, but be humble in your endeavours

No matter what we’ve been through and done to each other, you’re still my soul sister

There’s always a void inside me whenever you’re many miles away from me. I miss you, my good friend

Don’t always expect every day to be rosy, sometimes we jubilate, and sometimes we learn. Good morning all

I wish I could turn back the hands of time, so I can make up for every mistake I did. But since I have no such power, I sincerely say sorry

Sometimes everybody is too busy being caught up in themselves to even notice or see how miserable you are. So you might as well be happy

She knows me better than I know myself, that’s because she sees my heart

We have the right to make ourselves happy

I miss you like the dry ground misses the rain

Every night, I think about you before I slept, you’re my heartthrob. Goodnight dear

Every night, I think about you before I slept, you’re my heartthrob. Goodnight dear

With all sincerity, I really do miss you, I wish you were here, I wish I didn’t let you go

Do not only dwell on dreams, also work towards its accomplishment

Never should we dare to say to ourselves, it is finished. There’s always a better opportunity as long as we are courageous in life

With your voice alone, you give me goosebumps all over, not minding the distance, I love you, my Love

One thing I know for sure, the world is my stage

Between a brother and a sister, there are no wrongs nor rights!

To us a new dawn is offered, whatever we make out of it will be recorded for or against us in future. Let’s place our priorities right. Good morning all

I have wronged you in many ways. As though I am a prey, guilt grabs me every time I remember my deeds. I sincerely say sorry from the depth of my heart

Sister and best friend all wrapped in one and trust me, it is the most beautiful thing in the world

What’s life if we don’t love?. What’s the joy of being if we don’t share?

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