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Best PC Cases of 2021 So Far: $60 to $200 Airflow, Silence, & Budget...

There are a lot of good computer cases available right now. Our objective is to compare gaming PC cases for best CPU and GPU temperatures, best noise-normalized temperatures and noise levels, best build quality, best features at a certain budget, and numerous other factors (like mechanical design quality) for 2021 so far.

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My favorite case and probably the last case I will ever want or need (unless they make one for alot of storage) . I put 140mm air liquid coolers on the front facing fan mounts which needed to be slightly moded to fit, but overall I'm happy with how it came out.

A look at the exterior design of the case shows a pretty functional case. Its plastic build covers only half of the bottom, reducing the amount of air and heat trapped in the HDD cage. When coupled with the filtered ventilation on the top panel, the case provides ample cooling and thermal support.

The best PC case 2021: top cases for your desktop computer

This beautiful RGB-packed case has plenty of room for airflow, even accommodating up to 360mm radiators on the top and front for when you really want to take your cooling to the next level. Add on top of that the RGB lighting and tempered glass side panel and you have the potential to build something...

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The best computer cases allow plenty of air through, keeping your components cool, while keeping things as quiet as possible. RGB illumination, tempered glass, and crazy designs? Just the cherry on top.

Invest in a top-rated computer case to build a PC that can stream gameplay in real time and handle heavy multimedia projects. It gives you enough room to add more motherboards and power supplies supported by several efficient cooling options. Most cases are constructed from aluminum, while others are made

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Fractal Design Define R6 Mid Tower Computer Case. Fractal Design is better known for its silent PC cases with superior sound dampening, and the Define R6 is but another fine example of the company's craftsmanship. It's a great option for those after a sleeper PC build that won't keep you up at night.

But keep in mind that any computer case which hosts a motherboard with a bigger size can also support boards of smaller sizes. Consequently, before selecting a computer chassis make sure what motherboard you would like to have in and then check whether a chosen PC case corresponds to your needs.

The cooling performance takes a hit with the case door at the front but you are most likely grabbing one of these to cut down on system noise. The front, sides, and top all feature heavy-duty sound dampening materials to give you excellent acoustic performance. This well-constructed case comes with a modular layout...

One of the best computer casing options on this list is the NZXT H210i. This particular model is not only Amazon's top-rated option, but it also has a tempered glass panel that only requires a single screw for assembly. NZXT even offers a proprietary app to let you control your RGB lighting.

Top 10 Computer Cases of 2021 | Video Review

Computer cases can be purchased for practicality, design, or both. Most cases for gaming and video editing sit upright and provide front and back vents and multiple fans for cooling the unit during continuous use. Some can accommodate as many as 10 fans. Others come with carrying handles for portability and even contain dust filters to keep the PC running as smoothly as possible. If you are excited to show off your home-built computer, you can purchase a clear case that proudly displays the internal features.

The computer itself requires a CPU, motherboard, RAM, graphics card, sound card, network card, power supply, hard disk drive, power supply, and a case to put it all in. Some motherboards may also have those separate expansion cards already integrated. If you're careful, you may even be able to build your own custom machine for less money that it would cost for a pre-built model. When you upgrade your hardware, you can also sell the individual components to help offset your costs. If you're looking for specifically pc cases I suggest reading these expert pc case reviews before making any...

This PC case supports high-end video cards up to 371mm in size. When it comes to cooling options, your AeroCool computer chassis comes with a 120mm fan already installed and also lets you add a radiator for liquid cooling. The I/O panel is mounted at the top of the unit and it features 2 USB 2.0 ports, 1 USB 3.0 port, and multiple other connection options.

Always consider purchasing an open PC case from a reliable manufacturer or brand. It is advisable to avoid buying from lesser-known brands. Reliable brands always guarantee decent quality and therefore better customer satisfaction rate. Concluding Note: All these discussed open PC cases are famous for defending your PC and showcasing the interior build components.

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Individuals who buy computer cases without considering the types of tools that they need are often forced to make a trip to the hardware store before they can begin. The panels, drives and memory sticks need to fit into place perfectly if you want your computer to run efficiently and safely.

Review the top rated Computer Cases for Aug 2021 based on 48674 consumer reviews. Shop today and save on the best Computer Cases.

A portable PC case is also known as computer chassis, CPU, system unit, tower, and even cabinet. If you are in a requirement of such a PC case, luckily for you we have gathered all the information we could find, and we selected the best nine portable computer cases that have a handle that makes it easier to carry it around.

If you are going to build your gaming PC or a normal computer from scratch then the PC cabinet case is the first thing you need to buy. The horizontal desktop cases listed below are designed for both vertical and horizontal orientation.

Best & Worst PC Cases of the Last DECADE! | Hardware Canucks

Needless to say the case industry has evolved a lot in the past decade. We went from appreciating fan mounts on side panels and full black interiors, to clean acrylic windows, to loving tempered glass, going too far with temper glass, and going back to the basics with mesh airflow. The user experience with cases has gotten a lot better, we have many more options to choose from in terms of colors, sizes, water cooling potential, airflow potential, mobility. Obviously cases evolve to fit our hardware needs, our visual preferences, and our styles, so there have been some substantial changes. As a result, we...

Get one of these reliable and nice looking computer cases and set up your own gaming/home/office desktop pc. Popular computer case brands are Cooler Master, XION, Antec, Corsair, Apex, SilverStone etc.

PC cases do not directly influence the performance of your computer. However, they are very important for the protection of the computer parts from spillage and dust. They also help to keep the computer at the right temperature by providing airflow through the vents on their side.

The computer case offers great water cooling support with rear water cooling grommets and comes standard with 2 x 120 mm top cool exhaust fans and 1 x 120 mm rear cool exhaust fan. The air filter is also easily accessible from the left side of the computer case, making it much easier to access the filters for cleaning than other computer cases.

Top 10 Best ATX Cases in 2021 Review

Computer cases come with many different sizes and shapes, usually determine by the form factor of the motherboard. They are usually constructed from steel or aluminum, sometimes plastic is used too. It is important to determine the different classifications of computer cases since there are varieties of...

Compact ATX case with good airflow and looks. While this case would not usually be my top pick in this price range, it does deliver a unique combination of features at a fair price. It is compact, very well vented and with a pleasing aesthetic. It is well made and though I wouldn't call the build quality outstanding it is good and certainly more than adequate.

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Best pc cases? (self.buildapc). submitted 3 years ago by Khynshii. Im looking for some good pc cases with tempered glass and great airflow, my personal favorites in looks are the NZXT elite s340 and cooler master mastercase pro 5, when it comes to cases i like big sized cases about the size of a zalman z11 plus.

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Even the Top 6 Most Silent Computer Cases for Quiet Computing list already gives generic name-brand computers a long run in any beauty contest. This time I love to examine deeper into the chassis market to pick out all the great germs that will absolutely set your pc apart to the rest of the ever non-geeky crowd.

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Sparkling LED Lighting: The case has a addressable RGB LED Strip in the front panel to get a vivid lighting effect .It can be easily controlled by 5V 3 pin rgb header on motherboard (5V 3 Pin addressable LED headers and VDG headers ONLY).

What are the best rated Tower Computer Cases brands?

Choosing a computer case presents several challenges. The builder determines the best size, which includes requirements for motherboards, bays, number of ports, expansion slots, and style. A desktop tower case for personal use varies widely from a case for small or large businesses.

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Newegg frequently has computer case sales available on its Daily Deals page. Buying a used or refurbished part is a practical way to save money. eBay has a nice selection of new and used gaming, desktop and small form factor cases, and Dell has a selection of refurbished products. Micro Center's website features regular Hot Ad Deals where you can find deals on computer cases and other parts. The Staples loyalty program lets you earn rewards and gain access to special savings opportunities you can use to save on parts. Best Buy has a large inventory of products and regularly offers promo codes...

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Return rate shows the speed transferring data between the mouse and computer.250Hz return rate allows wireless mouse have to delay nor jump frame in fierce games.It has more practical significance for competitive gamers. High precision game 1000-1600-2400 PI switch,to ensure taht the game process quickly locate the object.

Rosewill Black Gaming ATX Mid Tower Computer Case, Three Included Fans, 1 x Front Blue LED 120mm Fan, 1 x Top 140mm Fan, 1 x Rear 120mm Fan, Two More Optional Side 120mm Fans Supported - CHALLENGER.

Ant Esports ICE-130AG Mid Tower Computer Case I Gaming Cabinet Supports ATX, Micro-ATX, Mini-ITX Motherboard with Transparent Side Panel 1 x 120 mm Rear Fan Preinstalled - Black.

140 Computer Case Mods ideas | computer case, best computer...

Bio computer grows wheatgrass using its own heat - Mike Schropp took donated computer parts and built a computer with a mini garden on top of its case.

Default Name (A - Z) Name (Z - A) Price (Low > High) Price (High > Low) Rating (Highest) Rating (Lowest) Model (A - Z) Model (Z - A).

Best PC Case Mods - Top 45 | The Mary Sue - Part 2. When you run out of impressive, expensive hardware to shove into your gaming and video editing rig, what's left? Why, turning it into something that looks nothing like the appropriate object to house all of that expensive hardware, of course!

One of the top carrying case suppliers, Princeton Case West provides quality carrying cases, custom cases, shipping cases, plastic cases, aluminum cases, tool cases, computer cases, instrument cases, transit cases and ATA cases. Princeton Case West offers custom foam inserts for varying applications.

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Find a large selection of computer cases at Best Buy. Our assortment includes PC, gaming, Micro ATX, full tower cases and more.

How to choose the best gaming computer case when building or upgrading your custom PC including case specs and features explained, what makes a good PC case, and some of our current favorite 2018 bang for your buck gaming PC cases in different price points.

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Top 3 Inexpensive Computer Cases. I've selected for you 3 inexpensive but high quality computer cases for your next computer. All have excellent ratings in Amazon and are simple and great looking. NOTE: for computer cases, you can buy the very cheapest one, it doesn't matter much. Just make sure that it has a good rating & reviews.

8 Best Portable PC Cases With Handles 2021 - Gamers Thought

A computer case is also known as a computer chassis, cabinet, tower, or system unit. It is the case that encloses most of the components of any personal computer excluding the mouse, keyboard, and display. Most cases are made of coil, cold-rolled, electro-galvanized, or SECC steel. There are other cases made of acrylic, wood, glass, plastic, aluminum, and Lego bricks. Cases come in different sizes also known as form factors. The form factor of the motherboard determines the shape and size of a computer case.

For gamers who just happen to be in the market for a new gaming desk as well as a PC, LIAN LI's Steel Desk Computer Cases can solve two problems in one go. It's a gaming desk with a built-in chassis that can house your next PC build. The advantages here are obvious.

The Deepcool Tristellar case won't make your computer look anything like a computer, but that could be the point for some of you. There are three compartments in the Tristellar where you fit all the parts. The top glowing compartment is where the graphics card goes.

Start with our picks for the best Computer Cases below. These are the ones we recommend based on analysis through thousands of in-depth Computer Cases reviews. MasterBox Q300L mATX Case w/Magnetic Design Dust Filter, Tra...

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A computer case, also termed as computer chassis or cabinet, is a small enclosure or box into which all the major computer components and peripherals are fitted. Computer cases can be broadly classified into 2 different categories. Each of them is briefly discussed below. Desktop Case: Considered the most classical version of computer cases, these are primarily designed for personal/business computers that are placed on top of a desk. The basic objective of these cases is to conserve the available desk space as the monitor is placed on top of the computer.

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