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Iphone ios 8 stuck on apple logo

If your iPhone is stuck on the Apple logo - Apple Support

If you have iOS 13 and tried to restore your iPhone from a backup or tried to migrate your iPhone from a previous device, you might see the Apple logo and progress bar on your screen for more than one hour. Learn what to do.

When an iPhone/iPad frozen on Apple logo and loading bar, there is a fast way to solve it: by force rebooting. Apple changed the way to force restart iPhone since iPhone 7. If you want to force restart iPhone 8/8 Plus, you need to quickly press and release volume up and volume down button in order.

Step 1 In order to unroll iPhone stuck on white Apple screen issue, download this iOS system recovery tool on a PC or Mac computer. Patiently wait for the program to load and detect your device, then opt for 'Repair Operating System'. Step 2 Now, the following screen will redirect you to an interface displaying 'Fix Now' tab on the bottom.

If your iPhone has been stuck on the Apple logo screen for a long time (think 20-30 minutes or longer) and the progress bar hasn't change, there are three basic steps you should try to fix it. If these troubleshooting tips don't work, you'll need to contact Apple customer service, or visit an Apple Store for in-person support.

How to Fix iPhone Stuck on Apple Logo (Actionable Guide)

Older iPhone models that include the iPhone 5s, SE, 6, 6 Plus, and 6S Plus all have a home button and therefore a force restart of these devices is often easy. All you have to do is hold down the home button and the Sleep/Wake button until you see the Apple logo appear on the screen.

This is a regular iPhone 6 (not jailbroken) and it somehow became stuck on the Apple logo during boot. I have no backup (I tried recently but had problems...) and would like to be able to recover my files. I see there is software like TinyUmbrella, Dr Fone, "ios data recovery", red sn0w, and more, but I can't tell if any of these are legitimate solutions or scams.

Find that your iPhone 8(+) or iPhone X stucking in apple logo screen? I believe some users have encountered the situation of white/black apple logo appearing on the screen of their iPhone 8(+) or iPhone X. So why does iPhone appear apple logo and how should we solve them? Apple logo screen, generally refers to the iOS device because of software or hardware failure, stuck in a similar screen of boot (iPhone color different, will appear white bottom black apple or black bottom white apple), can not normally enter the system, can not achieve any operation of a state.

The easiest way to you can try to fix "iPhone stuck on iPhone" in iOS 11 is to force restart your iPhone, which is also helpful in solving problems like " touch screen not working " and "iPhone not connecting to iTunes". Don't know how to reboot your iPhone? Follow the steps below to make it.

iPhone Stuck on Apple Logo? Here Are 4 Ways to Fix

Sometimes simply force restarting the iPhone will kick it out of the stuck Apple logo. Forced restarting an iPhone is easy but it depends on the device model: If iPhone is newer than iPhone 8, iPhone X, iPhone XS, iPhone XR, iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, then you can restart it by pressing and releasing Volume Up

There can be multiple reasons behind your iPhone getting stuck on the Apple logo or throwing the iPhone error 4013. It can be an upgrade issue (when trying to install the newest iOS on an older phone), hardware damage, or when you try to restore update from iTunes, or due to an unsuccessful jailbreak attempt.

When an iPhone starts up, it has to turn on a serial of functions when it displays the Apple logo screen. If there is anything preventing the startup process in the operation system, the iPhone can't turn on and gets stuck at the Apple logo. There are many things that could prevent iPhone from starting up normally.

If iPhone won't go past Apple logo, iOS System Recovery is the right tool for you to fix this issue. It is a professional and powerful iPhone system repair tool for iDevice which enables you to fix all kinds of system issues effortlessly. With a few clicks, iOS System Recovery can bring your iPhone back to normal.

How to Fix iPhone Stuck on Apple Logo And Recover Its Data

3. Do not use your device for a long time since extra stress on the battery and other hardware resources of the iOS device, sometimes, may cause the iPhone stuck on Apple logo. 4. Shut down your iPhone once a month and then turn it back on after several seconds because your iPhone runs non-stop for...

Fix iPhone is Stuck on Apple Logo Through Force Restart, iPhone 12, iPhone 11, iPhone XS, iPhone XR, iPhone X, iPhone 8, and iPhone 8 Plus. First, press down the volume up button and release it, then press down the volume down button and release it. After that, press and hold down the side button for at least 10 seconds.

Many issues, including an iPhone stuck on the Apple logo, can be resolved with just a restart. However, a simple restart is an easy method to fix the issue in this case. But it is an easy solution that makes it worth trying. It just costs a few seconds of your time.

If the previous two solutions failed, consider using paid or freemium system repair programs like Fixppo. These programs resolve issues such as when the iPhone 11 famously got stuck on the Apple logo. Other iOS system recovery programs include Dr. Fone, TunesKit, Tenorshare Reiboot, iMyFone, and...

[Solved] How to Fix iPhone Stuck on Apple Logo

1. Hold the Home and Power buttons for several seconds until you see the Apple logo flash. 2. Let go of both buttons and press the Volume Up button. 3. Keep holding the Volume Up button until you get to your lockscreen. After that, you may fix iPhone stuck on Apple logo with ease.

Step 2. You'll see 3 effective system repair mode. Click the "Standard Mode", the one that can keep your important data safe on device while fixing the device with iOS issues - iPhone stuck on Apple logo. Step 3. And you are required to connect your iPhone to computer with a USB cable.

4. In the next popup window, you have to give the iOS version to download its firmware. 5. For this process to complete, make sure the phone stays connected to the system. 6. When the firmware is downloaded, click fix now to restore your iPhone stuck on Apple logo.

Once you force iPhone into Recovery Mode, iTunes will provide you with the option to erase everything on your device and reinstall the latest version of iOS software. The steps to enter Recovery Mode are different, depending on the model of your iPhone and can be found in this guide: How to Put iPhone in Recovery Mode.

3 Ways to Fix iPhone Stuck on Apple Logo

iPhone stuck on Apple screen after restoring your iPhone from iTunes or iCloud. After having an issue while installing an update or performing a regular restore. When your iPhone stuck on the Apple logo screen, it will let you go nowhere but staying on the same Apple logo screen all the time.

When met with iPhone stuck on Apple logo issue, Some people choose to ask for help from the Apple store. Usually, the problem can't be solved immediately. It is annoying. In fact, we can solve problems via an iOS system repair tool.

If you've performed a data transfer, iOS update, or restore recently, your iPhone 8 may be stuck on the Apple logo because something went wrong. If this happened to your iPhone, take a look inside its charging port and inspect your charging cable. If either of these components are broken or damaged, this problem may happen again.

Alternative tools to Fix iPhone Stuck on Apple Logo issue. As a good and easy alternative, you can use RecBoot tool that can help you to get your iPhone our of recovery mode with just a single click. By the way, the fix recovery option was created to enable you to free the iPhone from the recovery mode loop.

How to Fix iPhone Stuck on Apple Logo - Solved

Apple iPhones are the most in-demand and widely used phones nowadays. Being electronic stuff, similar to other devices it sometimes too suffers from one or another issue. When you face such an annoying state as stuck on the Apple logo, there is a dire need to fix the issue without affecting the valuable data saved on it.

Although the reasons why your iPhone gets stuck on the Apple logo screen vary, the main causes are generally inseparable from the following three aspects. * The first one is hardware issues, which is one of the startup routine of your iPhone to check in with. * Besides, software problems like file transfer

Moreover, one can easily fix your iphone stuck on apple logo but it requires a lot of knowledge to fix it without erasing...

Procedure to Fix iPhone Stuck on Apple Logo: Method 1: Reset YouriOS Device. Though a hard reset test will not run 99% of the time, there is no damage to attempting it. To perform a hard reset, first of all, hold the Power tab and Home button simultaneously. Never allow it, until you see the Apple logo vanish and

iPad & iPhone Stuck on Apple Logo (Fixed in 5 Ways)

In addition to fixing iPod, iPad and iPhone stuck on Apple logo without restoring, this feature can also be used to get iOS devices out of recovery mode loop, DFU mode, headphone mode, iTunes logo, black screen, white screen, boot loop and more. While using the iOS System Recovery to get your device out of Apple logo loop, there is no need to put the device into any complicated recovery...

Under this head, you will learn how to fix the issue of iPhone stuck on Apple logo on iOS 12 using DFU mode that will help the device to update the firmware. But, before going with this method you must ensure that you have taken enough measures to keep the backup of data. As, at the end DFU mode process will result in restoring the...

Apple released iOS 15 on June 7, 2021, which is a major update. iOS 15 brings powerful features, including FaceTime calls update, tools to reduce interference, new notification experiences, added new privacy measures, Safari redesign, weather app redesign, digital heritage plans, and more ways to explore the world using the maps and wallets, etc.

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iPhone 5s STUCK on Apple logo - Community home | Forum

Usually, you can boot your iPhone into Recovery Mode or DFU Mode to wipe your device. And the iOS bug or software update error that leads to iPhone 5s stuck on Apple logo will be removed. After that, connect your iPhone to computer and restore backup file from iTunes or iCloud.

FoneGeek iOS System Recovery can fix any kinds of iOS system issues and get your iPhone/iPad back to normal, such as white Apple logo, DFU/recovery mode, looping on start, etc. In most cases, it's able to fix iOS without data loss.

One week after the release of iOS 14.5, Apple today is releasing iOS 14.5.1 to the public with bug fixes and performance improvements. Apple is also releasing iOS 12.5.3 for older iPhones that are not...

As a massive update, iOS 11 surprises us with a bunch of new features, ranging from Apple pay in Messages to Markup function in Photos app. There is no doubt that iOS 11 will make iPhone and iPad more capable to use. Since iOS 11 is officially launched today, now every Apple user can freely download and

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iPhone 8 Plus Repair - Stuck on Apple Logo After Screen Replacement - How to Troubleshoot & Fix the problem, This problem ...

The first method is to use iOS Sytem Recovery, a professional iOS system repairing tool that gives you a great way to fix iPhone stuck on Apple logo issue.

If your iPhone got stuck on the Apple Logo or boot loop, learn what to do in this video. I'm going to show you how to get it fixed ...

How To Fix iPhone 8 Stuck on Apple Logo - REWA | Iphone, Apple...

Best Iphone Iphone 8 Apple Iphone New Phones Water Damage Repair Electronic Deals New Ios. Fix your Apple iPhone 8 at the Best Repair Shop in NY | Wireless Solutions NY.

Your iPhone can usually get stuck on Apple logo after an iOS update, iOS restore, and erratic data transfers. What usually happens is that something caused software corruption on your iPhone and thereby results system crashes. When this happens, your device could end up frozen or stuck not only on

In order to restore your iPhone stuck on the Apple logo, you will need to first put it into Recovery Mode. Follow the steps outlined below to launch recovery mode and begin the whole process. Be aware that you will lose all data on your device during the restoration, so make sure you have backups of any important information if you want to try this method.

Why is your iPhone stuck on the Apple logo? As iPhone experts and having an experience of interacting with hundreds or iPhones, Wirefly got reliable and first-hand information about how to fix this common problem. Furthermore, we can assure you that it is the most reported iPhone issue that for quite a while it has eluded

How To Fix An Iphone 8 That Is Stuck On The Apple Logo

iPhone 8 stuck on Apple logo with an unresponsive home button? Why and how? Different from previous versions, there is a ...


Recover your iPhone from 50+ iOS system disasters. iPhone stuck on Apple logo, iPhone frozen and won't turn on? Fix My iPhone is the best in class iOS system repair software that's made for solving 50+ iOS system problems, like iPhone stuck on Headphone Mode, black screen, restart loop, recovery mode and much more.

Step 2: Go to select "Standard Mode" to repair iPhone stuck on Apple logo without data loss. Afterward, press on "Next" button and go forward to set iPhone into the recovery mode or DFU mode as instructed. Step 3: When your iPhone is in recovery/DFU mode, you can confirm the device info...

Handy solutions to fix Apple Logo stuck error on iPhone - iOS

In fact, once you get your device in recovery mode, iTunes will give you the permission to restore your iPhone to the original setting with the latest iOS version. Hence, make an effort to set your device to recovery mode to deal with the Apple logo stuck error.

An iPhone stuck at Apple logo is a weird situation, when you are not able to boot it completely. It is a Catch-22 for any users, especially those who Jailbreak their iPhones. While others also face this predicament when they are restoring or updating their iPhones.


iOS upgrade: If your iPhone stuck on Apple logo occurred while upgrading iOS to the latest iOS 14 or iOS 13, then this may be the result of running a defective iOS system software beta version. You can learn more about iOS update here. iPhone jailbreak: Whether you jailbreak your iPhone yourself, or ask a

iPhone / iPad Flashing Apple Logo, Fix - macReports

See also: iPhone Stuck On Apple Logo With Spinning Wheel (Black Screen), Fix. When the iPhone or iPad is plugged in, the Apple logo appears for about 3 seconds, then disappears (blank screen) for about 2 seconds and this process (the Apple logo keeps flashing) repeats itself indefinitely. Are you having this problem too? Is your iOS device stuck on the Apple logo loop? Here is how you can fix

- Question from an iPhone user. When iPhone or iPad failing to complete the boot-up process, users will find the device stuck on Apple logo, stuck on spinning wheel screen, stuck on black screen and so on.

The resolution of PNG image is 380x435 and classified to white apple logo ,bitten apple ,apple juice .

This problem happened to me before and it was kind of a nightmare. In order to get your iPhone back on track, you will have to put it in DFU mode (Device Firmware Update mode). This will help you restore your iPhone without loading the OS first.

How To Fix Iphone Stuck On Apple Logo Iphone 8

If your iPhone got stuck on the Apple Logo or boot loop, learn what to do in this video. I'm going to show you how to get it fixed ...

Before going to discuss the fixing methods we need to know what are the reasons behind as iPhone stuck on the Apple logo. When the software is corrupted by any malware or installing the latest iOS to an old mobile. If you transfer the corrupted data from online cloud storage like iCloud or restored it by that time you will be stuck on the Apple logo.

How To Restart iPhone 8 iPhone X iPhone XS iPhone 11 iPhone 12 If it's Frozen On The Apple logo - New 2020 HOW TO reset ...

Common reasons why iPhone stuck on Apple Logo. App iPhones have a set startup sequence. The main cause of the iPhone being stuck at the Apple Logo is a problem in the startup routine. Let us look at some common issues that can affect the startup process. 1. iOS Software Corruption The main cause of iOS corruption is updates and restoration carried out on computers with security software and transferred using defective USB cables and faulty ports.

iPhone Stuck On Apple Logo- Best Fix For All iPhone... | Techyuga

Getting your iPhone Stuck on the Apple logo loop is one of the most common problems faced by iPhone users from all over the world. Being a booting problem, this issue can be found in all the models of iPhones irrespective of whether it is a newer model or an older version like an iPhone 6. In this article, we will be looking at some of the most common yet effective fixes for this Apple logo boot loop issue that will work 99% of the time.

And using windows OS means you need to uninstall the whole previous version of software and need to download and install the latest version of it. 5. And if you are having the third party apps such as Antivirus and etc are installed then it will object your phone to respond to iTunes.

Much of the time, a message on iPhone pops up and says to connect to iTunes for continually updating your iPhone. Other times you face the problem of your iPhone getting stuck at the Apple logo. Jailbreaking. Many of the time, it occurs when you try to jailbreak your iPhone without proper knowledge.

My iPad was at the latest iOS 7.x when I decided to update it to 8.0.2 via iTunes. At the end of the update I got an error, 6 IIRC. After that the iPad was stuck in restore mode for around half an hour. When it got out of restore mode somehow (without doing a restore) it wouldn't boot up. It gets as far as the Apple logo then dies after a few seconds.

Fix: iPhone Stuck on Apple Logo - Super Easy

Something wrong during iOS updates can cause iPhone stuck on the Apple logo when booting up. Another normal reason is the jailbreak issue. Many Apple users with a jailbroken iPhone come across the iPhone stuck on the white Apple logo issue. The issues during restore or data transfer can also result in the stuck issue, and so does the hardware issue. for example, the motherboard faulty after the drop.

Many users encountered a thorny issue that the iPhone now stuck with Apple logo boot loop after using the latest Pangu iOS 9.1 jailbreak. The issue has been correlated by veteran iOS developer Stefan Essar, who goes by the alias i0n1c in the following tweet

iPhone not turning on or iPhone stuck at Apple logo 101. When your iPhone shows nothing but a black or red screen and you think it is stuck or frozen then the first thing you have to do is, plug your iPhone to a charger and wait for an hour or two. This is the basic and first solution that works. Your iPhone will show you the lightning cable on the screen.

I meant turn off the device. Hold the power button to boot up your device and also hold the volume up button. Once you see the apple logo, you can let go of the power button but continue holding the volume up button. Hmm, as you are on iOS 6.0, you have the possibility of dumping your blobs using iFaith.

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