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2021 Cute Good Morning Text Messages You’ll Love

As the morning’s dew wet the earth’s face, so shall smiles beautify your face, today. How was your night, darling? Good morning

My king, just a touch from you takes away all of my worries. Thank you for being all that you are, dear. Good morning and have a beautiful day ahead

This day is bright. It’s a new day. How was your night, my beloved? I hope you had pleasant dreams. I wish you a great day ahead. Good morning

Thoughts of you keeps me awake at night. And in the morning, all I want to do is see you. I love you so much, dear. Have a great day

Good morning, honey. May your going out and coming in today be good and bear positive results. How was your night, dear? Do have a day of positivity

Looking out of my window and beholding the early morning sun, all I can think of, all that crosses my mind, is you. Thanks for loving me, I love you too. Good morning, love

Hey baby. How was your night? Good morning. What are your plans for this beautiful new day? Do well to follow them through. Have a beautiful day. I love you

I hope you had a pleasant night. And that this new day would even be more pleasant. May you have a stress-free and beautiful day. Good morning, mine

Sunshine, are you awake? I’m sure your face is more radiant than the early morning’s sun. May your day be as radiant too. Good morning, darling

I’m jealous of the sun and every thing in your room. They get to see you first before I do. But I’m consoled by the fact that I’ll be seeing you soon. And that you’ll be fully mine. Good morning, love of my life

May everything that you have in mind to do today come out good and with beautiful results. May you have cause to smile when you realise all you’ve achieved this new day. Good morning, dear

Your presence have brought with it, a beautiful glow in my life that I find quite indescribable. You mean more than the world. Good morning, my Darling

May every strength you put into this new day yield special and pleasing results. May your today be better than yesterday. Good morning, cupcake

Good morning, honey. How was your night? I have a present for you today. Look forward to it. Till we meet later in the day, I love you

A bright new day for my beautiful Queen. Good morning, darling. How was your night? May your day be as beautiful as you are. Cheers!

Thoughts of you in the wee hours of the morning gives me a joy that lasts weeks. Good morning, my love

Good morning, baby. How was your night? Today, favour and good things will be your lot. I wish you a great day ahead, my dear

No matter what comes your way, today, I’ll always be here for you, honey. Remember that, always. Good morning, love

May your day be as bright as the sun that shines. May it be full of smiles and reasons for laughter. Have a great day, honey. Good morning

Hi dear. A very blissful morning to you. And how was your night? As you go out today, may every blessing be yours. Have a great day, baby

May the new day bring with it, every good thing it has to offer. Good morning, mine. Hope you slept soundly? I wish you a good day

We get each day as a present. A gift. Let us make great use of this opportunity, a chance at life. Good morning, my beloved

My beautiful, I hope you slept soundly last night. On this new day, may you have numerous reasons to laugh out for joy. Good morning, dear

Closing my eyes, thoughts of you fill me. Opening them, I see you. You’re the one for me. Good morning, my love

Hi darling. Good morning and how was your night? Even as you go on with your activities today, make sure you eat well and have a good rest. I don’t want you stressed out. Have a good day, hun

The dawn of another day is here again. Let’s make a perfect one. Good morning, my love

Today, may men rise for your help and favor. May you be blessed, every where you step your foot in today. Have a great day, darling. Good morning

May you have a beautiful day filled with lovely and great surprises, my darling. Good morning, dearie. How was your night?

May grace and strength to go through the rigours of this day be supplied to you. And laughter would end the day with you. Good morning, my love

Queen of my heart, the one who holds my heart in her hands. Good morning, my love. Have a great day ahead

My beautiful Darling. How was your night? I hope you slept soundly like a baby. It’s a new day, dearie. Good morning

There’s something amazing about having someone to think about, to be responsible for and I’m glad I can do these things with you and for you. Good morning, lovely

More than anything, I wish that your day would be full of reasons to smile and nothing less. Good morning, baby. Have a great day

I feel it when you’re awake. The sun shines more brightly. The stars go into hiding. The moon retracts. Cos a Queen is awake. Good morning, darl

May you get the best of life that the new day has to offer. May you receive every good thing the day has for you. Good morning, hun

The beautiful colours that the sun radiates and fills the earth with are cool and all, but they do not compare to the more beautiful colours you’ve filled my life with. Good morning, my beautiful one

Let’s seize the day, baby. Let’s go get all that it has for us. Let’s make good use of this new day and another chance at life. Good morning to my life partner

I love you more than anything in this world, my lovely. With you is life itself. Good morning, hun

Hi dear. Such a beautiful, bright day, isn’t it? I hope your paths would be as bright and your day as beautiful. Good morning, dear

Thoughts that my day will eventually be spent by your side gets me smiling as I rouse from sleep. Good morning, darling. See you soon

May you have an amazing day void of troubles. May none of your plans fall through and may you have good success. Good morning, beautiful

Even the sun compliments the manner with which your smile in the morning, illuminates the room. The moon can’t match your glory. You’re indeed beautiful. And I say, get up, Sunshine. It’s morning

I hope that today, you go about with the consciousness that you’re deeply loved by me. May you have a super splendid day ahead. Good morning, sweetie

Your smile lights up my day. It lights up my life. It means the world to me. Never go through a day without smiling. Good morning, dearie

I turn towards the window and smile at the sun in it’s glory. Then my heart goes out to the one who has captured it and whose heart I’ve captured. I love you so much, baby. Good morning

Hi dear. A very pleasant morning to you. May all your deeds bring sweet returns. Do have a great day, my love. Good morning

Good morning, dear. There’s a message for you – which is the fact that I’m glad that you’re awake. Good morning. Darling

There is no minute that passes that is not consumed with thoughts of you. Every night and every morning. Happy new day, my dear. Good morning

I wish you a pleasant morning, my dear. May everyone you meet today be kind to you. Favour is your lot this day. Good morning, dear

Every single day is filled with pleasantness and all shades of awesomeness. Good morning, dearie. Have a beautiful nice day

I hope that before you get up, you think of me, this morning as I do always, each passing day. Good morning, dearie

To my greatest treasure, the one whose thoughts lure me to sleep and whose smile rouses me from sleep, a beautiful morning to you. I love you

It doesn’t matter that we have such a physical distance between us, you’re in my heart and that’s what matters. Good morning, darling. Have a great day

Let’s be together forever, baby, so precious moments like each early morning will be spent in each other’s arms while we whisper sweet nothings into each other’s ears. Good morning, honey

Each morning shows and reminds us that time is going and also, that we still have time on our side. Good morning, honey

Today, may you experience beautiful events that would eventually make beautiful memories. Good morning, baby

As you go out, may all manner of favour and blessings be yours, this moment and forever. I love you, honey. Good morning

Good morning, dear. As you go out in this day, may you not meet with anyone who would implicate you. May you have every reason to smile. Have a great day

To the most beautiful that has graced earth with her presence, I say, Good morning! How was your night, my beautiful? Do have a day as pleasurable as you are

I really can’t wait to wake up next to you, every waking day. To feel your arms around me, my head buried in the crook of your neck. Good morning, my love

Your smile shines brighter than the sun. And I hope you smile well enough today to beautify the world around you. Good morning, my dear

Hey baby. How do you do? I hope you had a great night like mine. And I even hope for a better and greater day ahead for you. Good morning, dear

All I wanna do now is hold you so close to me and never let you go. I always want to be with you, honey. Good morning

Good morning, my love. I believe you had a great night. May your day be blessed. May you be blessed on this new day. Have a pleasant day ahead

Thinking about you and us gives me the morale to go through each day because I wanna be the best for you. Have a great day, hun. Good morning

Welcome to a new day, lovely. It’s my pleasure to wake up in your arms, my King. I love you now and always. Have a beautiful day ahead, love. Good morning

Welcome to a bright new day, baby. A new day to pursue goals, opportunities and to be full of life. Good morning, baby

Hey baby, I looked around for you in bed this morning, before my brain registered that we didn’t spend the night together. I miss you, and I miss waking up in your arms, my King. Good morning

Things are different each day. Even my love for you grows daily. And your smile has a different, beautiful effect each time I get it. I love you, darling. Good morning

May the grace of the Almighty rest upon you and may you make no mistakes in all your deeds, today. Good morning, my dear

Your smile opens a fountain of peace inside of me whenever I see you. I hope you’re smiling, baby. Good morning and may your day be full of smiles

Open your eyes, Darling. It’s a new day. It’s time to show the world the new things in you for the new day. Good morning, my love

Even during the day, I daydream about you. At night, you’re all I see in my dreams. And at moments when we are together, I convince myself that I’m not dreaming. I love you, hun. Good morning

We’re not together physically, but my heart is with you. I really long for you and I can’t wait to have you by my side. Good morning, darling

Waking up to the sweet scent of you is what would give me a perfect morning. I can’t wait to have perfect mornings. Have a nice day, my love. Good morning

Hey baby, how are you doing on this beautiful day? I really hope that all odds will work in your favour, today and beyond. Good morning, baby

Your picture with a big grin on your face serves as my screensaver, and every morning when I pick up my phone, the sight I see is enough to get me through another day without you by my side. Good morning, sunshine. I miss you

From today onwards, may you enjoy an unusual measure of strength and grace for each activity you have for the day. I hope you had a splendid night rest, honey. Good morning

To let you know how much I hold you, dear, I’ve sent all the positivity I feel for this new day your way. Good morning, dear

Fate brought us together, honey. And I would never take that fact for granted. Good morning, my sunshine

This text message is for the most beautiful being my eyes have ever seen. Oh! You’re reading this? You truly are the most beautiful of all, my lovely. Good morning. I hope you had a pleasant night rest

Hearing from you each morning takes away every anxiety that wakes up with me. You see one of the reasons I can’t do without calling each morning? Good morning, baby

Your voice is the first thing I want to hear each morning. I want mine to be the first you hear too. I want this to happen soon. Good morning, my love

The light you bring to my life is so bright that the sun cowers. You shine so beautifully, my sunshine. Good morning, dear

Every day, my heart and body wills to wake up beside you. Soon, very soon, that will be a reality. Good morning, my sweetheart. God bless you today

Oh my baby, I woke up groping around for you in the dark. Oh well! I realised you aren’t here. I can’t wait to have you wake up in my hands each morning. Good morning, love

The miles that separate us from each other do not matter, as long as we remain in each other’s heart each waking day. Good morning, my beautiful

Happiness fills me each morning because of the knowledge that my day would be spent with the universe’s most beautiful woman. Good morning, honey

Good morning, my special Queen. Hope you had a splendid night rest? May you go through this day with an abundance of strength. Do have a great day, my love

Yesterday is the past with mistakes that may not be rectified. Tomorrow is the future with uncertainties. What we can hold on to and make the best of is the present, the gift of today. Good morning, my beautiful

Do have a day beyond beautiful ahead. May lines fall in pleasant places, today. Good morning, darl

One of God’s special gift is a new day. Let’s show our appreciation by being thankful people and making the best out of this gift. Good morning, love. Have a fulfilling day ahead

My darling, may your eyes be open to see all the opportunities, joy and good things this new day has brought with its coming. Good morning, darling

As you step out today, may you meet with good news and all-round favour. How was your night, my dear. I wish you a very good morning

Having you around gives me a wonderful feeling that I want to last. Even a bad weather can’t stop me from being awed by your presence. Looking forward to a splendid day with you. Good morning to my man

Hello, my love. Good morning. I had a peaceful but short night, you? Even as you go about your planned actions for the day, may you enjoy speed and accuracy in all. Good morning again, love

Fill the new day with your goodness, love, sweetness, laughter and endless joy. Good morning, beautiful

It’s Friday, today. Your favorite day of the week. How are you doing this morning, my dear? May this new day be favourable. Good morning, love

It’s a new good day, Darling. The night is gone. May you have an eventful day filled with laughter and every good thing. Good morning, dearie

Hey baby! Do you mind getting up from bed to fill my life with all the joy there is? I bet you don’t. Good morning, sweetie

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