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Emotional Good Night Messages for Someone Special (2021)

I’m sending you this message to express my feelings and how I so much adore you, but words are not enough to make it real. I hope you see beyond these few words that someone cherishes you so much. A lovely night to you

I sleep each night thinking of our future together. The home we built and how love is our language. I look forward to this becoming a reality. I hope you see me in your dreams tonight. Sweet night, dear

Having you as my friend is amazing and sleeping with the thought of you in my heart brings me so much peace. I’m so pleased to be with you. Have a pleasant night

The stars are shining bright tonight because there is someone who cherishes others so much at all times. You are great and I wish you a pleasant night

Your love makes my night complete and no night will be complete without hearing your voice. I wish you sleep tonight like the angel you are. Good night!

Your friendship means a pleasant experience to me. I wouldn’t have asked for more. Can you always be yourself and remain as awesome as you are? I love you dearly!

I’m sending my thoughts to you through this message. I love how you courageously handle issues with me and how you have been my best friend. I’m sending you kisses as you sleep tonight

Since you came into my life, you have given me hope for a better life. If this is how easy it is to love, I choose to love you a million times more

You make my world so beautiful and thinking about life without you is like a night without stars. So dark and empty it would have been, but with you, my life is complete. I love you! Goodnight!

You have shown me what it means to truly love and behind my message, tonight is a smile and it is from you. Sweet sleep, dear!

Have a wonderful night and pleasant dreams. Dreams of strength and courage and all that you represent

My world is beautiful because a beautiful figure is in it. What would I have done without you? Let’s keep this beautiful forever, dear

If beauty is only in the eyes of the beholder, then I’m the lucky one to behold and cherish the beauty that your life carries

You make being your partner easy. I admire so much about you and I can’t wait to let you know how I feel at all times. I love you, dear! Sweet night!

I have an assurance of hope with you. You support me so much that I begin to wonder if you are human. I love you!

You complete me, sweet. With you, I don’t have any worries because I know I have a blessing in my life

Sleep well, my dear one. Knowing you is a gift I cherish so much. You are the best thing that happened to me and I’m grateful!

I love you more than you can imagine. I know you feel the same way too, but I want to assure you that you will always be my number one at all times

Dream sweetly because you are so so sweet and you inspire me to be as sweet as you are. Tonight I think of you, and I want you to teach me how to emit such sweetness. Have a night of sweet sleep

I think about a day we will have to say “goodbye” it will hurt so much that I’ll risk following you wherever you are headed to. Please, love, if for any reason we will have to be apart, let us move together and settle our differences. You brighten my worl

My one friend who is my top fan. You make loving you easy and your life is a testimony of greatness. As you sleep tonight, can you dream more and let the beauty in your spirit remain? Have a good night, dear

My super person! I can call you that because that is what you really are in words, action, and in relating. Do sleep like a Champion that you are

Your love brightens my world and makes my night as day. The mere thought of you gives me joy and I’m satisfied having you in my life

That one soul that not only cares but takes action towards seeing others becoming a better version of themselves. A sweet night rest to you

My night will not be complete without saying a beautiful night to someone really close to my heart. You are awesome and I love you so

Pleasant dreams to you and right now before I sleep, I want you to know how special you are to me

For the moon to shine bright on your face and make you feel calm and make you comfortable. Have a beautiful night that will be refreshing

We have so much in common and I’m coming to love how you stretch me and give me cheer even when I feel insufficient. I appreciate your person, dear friend. Sweet dreams to you!

The atmosphere your presence brings into my life is amazing. I can’t fathom how one person can touch a life and brighten the world around the fellow. You have done so much for me that makes my heart skip beats. I love you, always

You know, I’m excited to sleep at night because I know right there in my dreams, I’ll see the most special person in the world. A good night to you, dear!

I’m deeply in love with your smile and with your heart and with all that you are. You are special to me

The stars are my mouthpiece tonight. Look out and see how beautiful they are shining. A reminder of how bright our love is

See how beautiful the sky is, I believe that is how beautiful your heart is. Sweet night rest my special, friend

I wish I can look on your sleeping face tonight. Just to see how cute you look in your sleep and how bright like an angel you will look like. Sleep like an angel that you are, dear

You know, I would have thought you are just a regular person and then walk away from you, that would have been my greatest regret in life. I celebrate the day I met you

Close your eyes softly and be welcomed into dreamland with a night of sweet sleep. I love how you are and all that matters to me is to see you happy and strong at all times. Good night!

I dream of a day when you will remain by my side and never leave me. When we will share every moment together. This is my desire for us every day. I hope you feel the same way too?

I cannot wait to see you in the morning. But I have to send this tonight because I can’t stop thinking about you. Hope you sleep well tonight. I love you!

Each night feels so lonely without you here. I miss how you whisper to my ear and make me smile. When are you coming back? Sweet night rest to you

Hello sweetie, you are so sweet. You are so beautiful! You are amazing and I’m so in love with you. Can you sleep like a beauty that you are? I appreciate you!

I know you might be preparing to sleep, and I want to appreciate you for all that you do before you sleep. Smile and be happy always because the good things of the world belong to you

My thoughts are with you and I can’t predict what life would have been like if I never met you. To my special person, have a sweet night, dear

I can’t explain how I met you, but I’m actually blessed knowing that someone cares for me and is always there to share with all of my troubles. Sweet night dreams

I not only appreciate you, but I also cherish you and want to have you in my life forever. You are a rare gem, dear. Do have a sweet night rest

The way you cherish me makes me wonder if I’m the only one in the world. You spoil me so much that I can barely talk without talking about you. You are so wonderful, dear. I love you tonight and always!

Sleep well and enjoy the refreshing of the night, dear. You deserve this and other beautiful things. I love you!

You are Gods sent to me at a time like this. You make me feel so special even with my inadequacies. You are lovely, dear

May your dreams tonight be refreshing and I hope you get to understand how precious you are to me and the whole world

The night is here and it shows how special you are to me. By my side, I feel courageous. You stare me to greatness. You are special!

I sleep thinking about you every day. I am not just blessed but highly favoured to be your own. I love you!

For every moment that we share and the love so true. The sincerity of your smile and how you make life worth living, I love the way you are, my best friend. Have a pleasant night rest

My one and only, I love how we have grown to be. You shine your light in my path and you make me know how precious it is to live a life of impact

Going about my daily activities with the thought of you makes my day beautiful. How the thought of a person can re-brand your day. Are you not amazing? Have a sweet night rest!

There are few people who make hope beautiful for me. Sleeping beside you gives joy

Many years cannot separate what we share. It is beautiful and worthwhile. I love and care for you with my everything

I enjoy every conversation with you. You should be a Professor, you know! That isn’t flattery, you are a genius and I appreciate every time spent together, dear friend. Sweet night rest to you

Sleep like a king that you are and dream of greatness and every pleasant dream you can think about, ’cause right here I’m praying for the one after my heart to have a sweet night

You make my world a better place and with you, I can confidently say “love is real!”

The stars are bright because a soul close to me is bright. Dear stars, can you shine bright for my hero? I love you so much tonight and at all times!

Being away from you seems like the world will fall apart. What have you done to me? I love and appreciate you every day!

You carry such an aura that can never be hidden. Thank you for not withholding the sweet aura from my life

Sleep sweetly because you deserve every bit of the sweetness. You are one great person I cherish so much

You’re special to me. I love and care for you with my everything. I believe you’re God sent and heaven’s favourite. Sweet night rest

You pleased my life and make loving you so easy. I love you and as you sleep tonight, remember that someone cherishes you forever

Goodnight, dear! I just want to let you know I’ve been thinking about you and I’m happier sending you this message

Nothing can clearly show how much you mean to me, but then I’ll let you know how precious you are with this little message tonight

No feelings can overcome what I have for you. Sleep well tonight and wake up to the beauty of a new day

I think of you and smile. The imagination of you fills my heart with love. How do you do it? It’s amazing having you, dear

The world needs many people like you. It will be a better place if like you, we all affect each other as you do to me. Goodnight, dear!

Nothing can rightly describe how much I love you, but tonight, I want to let you know even as you sleep that I love you and I’m glad you feel the same way too

Tonight, I pray your dreams be beautiful and that you have victorious experiences as you sleep. Do you know I cherish you? Yes, I truly do!

Never a boring moment with you and when I think about us, I see success all around. I’m really blessed having you. Sweet dreams!

A sweet night of many desires coming through for you. That tonight be as unique as you are. I love you!

My shining armour, you are a great fellow that has made my everyday fun to live. Everything about you is as wonderful as you are. A sweet night to the best person in the world

From the day I met you, I knew falling in love with you will be the best thing that will happen to me. For each moment you did your all to make this work, I love you more. Kisses for you to make your night sweet

Sleep tonight with the fullness of love all around you. Joy being multiplied to your person and you excelling the more. You are so special and I love you so!

I really want to be in your dreams and tell you how precious you are to me. Do you feel the same way too? You are awesome and I wish you a sweet night

A lovely night to my sweet one. You know, if your parents had known, they would have Christened you Champion and Delight. You are the right definition of these words and more

Your uniqueness is obvious for all to see and I’m glad I share in this sweet uniqueness that you are. A sweet night to you, dear!

You know you’re amazing right? I’m not reminding you, I just want you to know that is the way I see you always, my sweet friend. Goodnight

I’ll not soon forget all that you stand for in my life. It worth the whole world to me. Thank you so much for your sweetness. I love you! Sweet night!

You are unique and a person after my heart. Feelings for you can never be changed because life with you is sweet and amazing is an understatement. I pray you a sweet night, love

My feelings for you are true and my heart can never be set apart from loving you. You are my most cherished person forever. I love you tonight and always!

You are a friend that pushes me to do more and if I have the opportunity, I’ll make you see how gracious it is to have someone like you on earth

Here’s to my special person and I’m wishing you a pleasant night with a lot of rest. You are a jewel and I so cherish you. Sweet sleep!

Friends like you are rare. You love so much that I can hold the love in my hand. You care so much that I can feel each expression of care on my body. I’m really blessed having you

God saw a need for an angel in human form and He created you. God saw someone who will be pleased to have you, and He placed you in my life. I’m just so blessed thinking about you tonight

I’m so lucky to have you in my life and I do not regret it in any way. I cherish every moment with you and our friendship is just as awesome as it could be because of you. Sweet dreams

You are the brightness that I see that makes my life amazing. What would I have done without you? Keep shining even as you sleep tonight

You’re by my side through everything and you bring peace with everything that you are. Still loving you every night and day

Everyone has their opinion about you, but mine is that you’re special and I love you always. Have a beautiful night rest

Hugs and kisses as you sleep tonight. You worth all the good things in life and I promise to pray them TNT your life

The thought of you has stolen my sleep and I can’t bear to ask, “why are you so awesome?” You make my night beautiful as I think of you and no, I don’t want what we share to ever end

Nothing can review my love for you, but I hope this message will express it in a way that makes you know you’re unique. A wonderful night to you

You have been able to break through my walls and make me a better person. I call you my sunshine because you brighten my days with your love. I appreciate the friend you are. Sweet dreams

I don’t really know how to express myself to you, but I pray the night express it to you in every detail. You are sweet!

My heart can never forget how wonderful you are to me. You have given me health from the love we share. You are not only loveable, but you are also amazing. Have a beautiful night

My wonderful friend, I hope you have the best of dreams and sleep like a shining light that you are. Good night

You are a person of many dreams and I promise to stand by you and watch all your dreams come true. You are exceptional. Good night!

Always remember that I love and appreciate you! You mean this and more to me. I’m forever grateful I know you and that I’m your friend. You are loved! Sweet dreams!

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