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Download stops when screen turns off android 7

downloading - Galaxy S4 download stops when screen is off...

I'm having this problem with my Samsung Galaxy S4. When ever I download something from the Internet and turn off the screen the download fails as soon as I turn it back on. I have tried other browsers like Chrome and Dolphin Browser but all stops downloading when the screen turns off/ times out.

This additional latency means that some network-oriented applications experience problems when the screen turns off. This more or less correlates with the behavior you're describing. This issue affects only some phones, not all, and only some versions of Android. I suggest you visit the bug report above, there is...

Short answer is yes, Android sometimes does lower the download rate when the screen turns off. According to this Android bug report (starred by 90 users), It seems that, even with "Wifi Sleep Policy" set to "Never", the wifi on some Android devices will enter Power Save mode (a.k.a. PSP mode) when the screen turns off. PSP mode apparently causes the wifi device to sleep, but wake up periodically and ask its access point to deliver packets that were addressed to to the device while it was asleep. This necessarily causes additional, "spiky" network latency.

Do a lot of downloading of mixes etc on my phone and find that a lot of the time if I leave it the download fails. If I sit there and touch the screen now and again to stop it switching off then it works every time. Its over wifi btw. Is anyone else having this issue and also does anyone else know how to sort this?

Can't download big apps as wifi goes sleep mode when screen is...

Bluetooth audio stopping when screen is off. JonesWTF. Aug 7, 2019.

I hit Update All and all goes well until the screen goes off and then the updates pause, only to continue when I turn screen on again.... Iv'e noticed this issue with most of my previous droid devices. So far the only work around is to use Kinscreen to keep the screen on until I disable it. Surely I'm not the only one with this issue, someone must have figured a way to sort this.

I've turned off Samsung App Power Monitor, and in turn am just using the default Android Nougat Doze instead (on by default alongside Samsung's power monitor). Not noticed any change in battery life so far, but apps remain open that were open before sleep...

even after turning on the setting, the speed will decrease when you turn off the screen. I have a 100mbps connection so i keep the screen on so that my download completes fast.

UDP Broadcast stops working when Android's screen turns off #1620

It turns out that when Android turns off its screen it really likes to save power and one of the things it does is disable UDP broadcast support which is a problem since we use that support to enable discovery over Wifi.

Whenever I'm updating or installing apps, if I turn my screen off or it times out it seems like the processes just stop until I turn the screen back on. This also happens when I'm updating my Listen subscriptions. If I do a manual refresh and new episodes start downloading but I turn my screen off it seems like they drop to a really low speed and sometimes they fail to completely download. This happens on both WiFi and cell data. I'm running 4.0.4 IMM30B. Any ideas what could be causing this?

I have the same problem I do not get any notification when screen is locked because wifi stops working. And it happens to all application skype, viber, whatsup, mail notifications. If mobile data are on, then I get notifications because they use mobile data.

Android Phone Turning Off Automatically. Most Android phones will automatically go to sleep after around 30s to 1 minute of inactivity. While this feature does conserve battery life, it can be really annoying when you are trying to use your phone hands free and have to keep tapping to keep it awake.

BLE Android 9 - Scanning stops when screen turned off | Page 3

I thought the double-whammy scan-with-screen-off issue was with Android 9 (which I don't have - two devices I bought last month, one is 7.0 and the other is 5.1.1) and that we were trying to do a filtered scan because that was a (new) requirement for BLE scans done in-the-background / with-screen-off, and.

I would like it continue to download when the screen is off. Does anyone know how to make this happen?

Operating System: Android Pie. My Question or Issue: Whenever my phone sleeps (goes to the lock screen), Spotify stops playing. I have tried all of the recommended settings for battery management, power settings, etc. and none of them work. This is incredibly frustrating and if Spotify cannot provide a solution I will cancel my premium plan!

When this issue arises, Samsung phone users are unable to enjoy uninterrupted music. Imagine someone with phone's screen off time set at 15 seconds. For such a user, abrupt stopping of music would be an awful experience. Fortunately, the issue is easy to fix. Let's check multiple ways to stop music from pausing when the screen turns off in Samsung phones.

When playing music from SD card, music stops when screen turns...

There was no update. When I turn off screen SoundCloud either stops immediately or after like 30s. No battery savings, SoundCloud is allowed to run in background. I tried reinstalling the app but it didn't help at all.

I don't believe the sp4 has a true turn off screen only function. I believe it is going into a low level sleep mode which is why your music application turns off. The only work around I have found when playing music is to use an app developed for and downloaded from the Microsoft Store which will continue to work even if the screen times out.

If the app is stopping when your phone's screen goes dark/turns off/goes to sleep, it is likely an Android level setting which is designed to save battery life. In order to find an turn this setting off, please follow the steps below

Android turns off randomly. Please first check the power button on the phone, for it might be stuck or malfunctioning. To do this, press the power button multiple times and ensure it is working as usual. The button should be smooth while pressing and also come out quickly when you release it.

Keeping your Android application running when the... | Developer Portal

Wake locks are an Android concept designed to allow an application to indicate that it wants to have the device stay on, for example the YouTube application would take a FULL_WAKE_LOCK to prevent the screen turning off whilst the user is watching a video. A wake lock can control the status of the CPU, Screen and hardware Keyboard backlight but all but one type of wake lock can be cancelled by the end user simply by pressing the power key. Since only PARTIAL_WAKE_LOCKs persist when the user presses the power key the remainder of this blog will be concerned exclusively with those, where...

Stop playing your cheap games, whats the point of purchasing 40k phone if it behaves like 10k phone.

It starts well, but after a while your background tasks stop working. The symptom of this is when you tun on the device, keyboard does not come up for entering the password. NirCMD brings up the Sleep Mode. RefreshLock does the same as NirCMD. Though there's an option to bring up a Blank Screen which only provides a black background, while the screen is on.

If you got positive results in touch-based tests, you should review all recently installed apps or consider performing a factory reset. Since your touchscreen functioned as intended under special circumstances, a third-party app is most likely the root cause. Download: Display Tester (Free) | Display Tester Pro...

Solved: Android 11 update, now my screen won't stop waking...

The Android 11 update was just forced on my Samsung Galaxy S20+. Now everytime I get a text message, my screen wakes up. I want the notification icon to pop up, the sound to go off, but do not want my screen waking up every single time. Previously the hack fix for this was to turn on Edge Lighting on, but that is not fixing the problem now. I have searched the internet, tried everything I have read (including installing third party apps, which didn't fix it either) , and nothing is working!!! Please help me find a solution to this problem.

To help users, on their Android 7-based smartphones (Android Nougat), Huawei had a feature called "Protected Apps" which allowed users and app developers to set certain apps as "protected" so that they can keep running in the background even when the screen is closed. Unfortunately, starting with Android 8 Oreo and EMUI 8, this feature was renamed to "App launch" and people who knew about "Protected Apps" no longer know where to look. What kinds of apps are negatively affected by Huawei algorithms?

On your iPhone 6s or earlier, including iPhone SE (1st generation): Press and hold both the Home button and the side button or the top button at the same time. Keep holding the buttons until you see the recovery mode screen. When you get the option to restore or update, choose Update.

Notifications are great for knowing when emails arrive or when someone talks junk on Facebook. However, they have a dark side: Spam. Developers take advantage of this in-your-ace advertisement, filling your Notification Shade with promotions and other useless messages. You can take a stand against this abuse by turning off their notifications.

Laptops screen turns off when windows loading. | Tom's Guide Forum

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- Turn screen off and lock your device/lock screen without power button. - Works with fingerprint sensor and Smart Lock (bluetooth, trusted devices, trusted face, trusted location, on-body detection...). - You can turn screenoff from notification panel and notification won't show in lockscreen.

When listening to music from chrome (I use, after 15 minutes my screen turns off (not sleep) and the music will stop playing until I move the mouse. I already have CsEnabled = 0 in registry. I have checked in cmd the different power modes available, and I do not even have connected stanby available on my firmware, so CsEnabled shouldnt even matter. But before the 1809 update, after setting CsEnabled to 0, it was working perfectly, the screen could turn off and still listen to music.

When Power off prompt appears, press and hold on the Power off until Safe mode prompt appears then release.

App stops working when Screen turns off - android

The problem occurs when I turn the screen off using the power button. Remove "android:screenOrientation="sensorLandscape"" from your manifest and also post your activity_menu.xml. The problem was that I had kept the layout xml files in the layout-land folder instead of the layout folder. When I locked the screen, it turned to portrait mode internally (don't know why it always stays in that orientation though) and as it could not find resources for portrait mode, it gave the Resources$NotFoundException.

phone quickly.Especially with the ability to turn off the screen android not usethe power button or open the display off using the power buttonwill not help reduce damage to the power button.With "smart power management" helped open the screen turned offby the sensor, or wait for the screen consumes less power comparedto other programs of this type.Key features touch application.

My LAN connection disconnects every time my lcd screen light turns off. and when I press a key or move the mouse to turn on the screen the lan connection restarts and gets connected again. but it will be disconnected all the time that the screen is off. System: Lenovo-T500 ( Win7 Pro x64 ).

Radio app closed when screen off. I have an hp pavilion g4 and my apps open and then close immediately? My samsung galaxy ace says samsung home force close when my memory card is in the mobile, when i remote it starts to work fine, i have a 16gb cardx?

4 Ways to Change Screen Resolution in Android Without... - Techsable

If you know when to increase or decrease screen resolution on Android then maybe you can make your gaming experience better in Android device. Layout, Font size, and UI (User Interface): Display pixel density directly affects the overall quality of pixels.

It can happen if you run code inside Activity - Activity is stopped when screen turns off. (see Activity lifecycle).

Get $500 when you switch and bring your phone. $500 via Verizon e-gift card (sent w/in 8 wks).

Music playback stops on turning screen off MIUI Bug music player automatically turns off when screen locks miui bug solved ...

Android version history - Wikipedia

Accessibility improvements: triple-tap to magnify the entire screen, pan and zoom with two fingers. Speech output and Gesture Mode navigation for blind users. New clock application with a built-in world clock, stop watch and timer. All devices now use the same interface layout, previously adapted from phones on 4.1 for smaller tablets (with centered software buttons, the system...

Can't believe no one has figured this out yet. When I stream google music the music stops when my screen turns off. This limits me to leave the screen on for the max (10 minutes) and wake it up everything it goes off. That blows. Maybe I should just put android on this beast...

The same as switching off Mobile Data Off everytime your Screen turns Off. Stops apps from stealing your mobile data plan allowance and switch on internet when you are using phone. Very simple interface with no app screen so pressing OPEN on google play simply puts a notification up the top.

The screen on my Android phone switches off when I hold the phone to my ear, apparently so I'm not exposed to radiation (although I thought it was the actual phone signal that was supposed to be bad for you) and then switches back on when I take the phone away from my face. Does anyone know if there is a way to turn this feature off because it doesn't switch back on quickly enough so I'd much rather have a warm face than have to stare at a blank screen until it comes back on.

SmartGaGa Download (2021) Android Emulator for... - Goongloo

Download SmartGaGa with Android 7.1.2 (Nougat) latest version for Windows 10, 8 & Windows 7. Get the full setup of SmartGaGa emulator offline installer.

If you have a phone that uses the Android Operating System and would like help with the backup and reset process then you can click here for a step by step guide. Once you do the backup and reset it should resolve your issue. If not, and your phone is still having issues then you might want to check out some of these additional options that might be available.

- You can even provide your own icon if you don't like default icons. - Support Widget at home screen or lock screen. - Adaptive icon on Android 8 onwards. - Turn screen off and lock IMMEDIATELY and can still be able to unlock with fingerprint when using Android 9 onwards.

Nullable ; import ; import android.os.Bundle ; import android.view.View ; import android.widget.Button ; import android.widget.Toast ; public class MainActivity extends AppCompatActivity { static final int RESULT_ENABLE = 1 ; DevicePolicyManager deviceManger ; ComponentName compName ; Button btnEnable , btnLock ; @Override protected void onCreate (Bundle savedInstanceState) {.

Download Stops When Screen Turns Off Android

I turned it off yesterday and spotify has not once stopped playing. I can't download anything that takes more than a few minutes and it's. Edit: Thought maybe if I changed the display time out to 10min that would work. If it's 'Off' then mobile AND wifi connectivity will stop after about 30-60 seconds. Apps & tools; Reddit for iPhone Reddit for Android; mobile website. I dont know if this is the problem with the OS or my cell but whenever i have kept something to download and when the screen turns turns off the downloading stops.Foe example if am download a image or video on whatsapp and...

1. Turn tablet off. You may need to use two hands in this process to press and hold buttons properly. 2. Turn on the tablet with power button, wait a full 2 seconds from the time the tablet starts showing the manufacturer logo, then press and hold the down Volume key. (you should not hold down the power button after it turns on and logo appears) 3. "Android Recovery" will appear on top of screen if timing is done correctly.

how do i fix my s7 if it dropped now the screenturns black but the blue light is blinking and the white light for the homescreen is turning on?

With Locus Pro 3.15.3 on Android 6 in a HTC ONE M8, Locus is turning off the GPS one minute after the screen turns off. Therefor, I cannot save my tracks anymore. Note that the option Settings > GPS and Location > Track recording (Keep GPS on when track recording is paused or screen off) is ENABLED.

Apps Stop Updating on Screen Lock | Forum

The apps simply stop downloading, even freeze up for awhile. I do not have wifi at home, but regardless I can still update apps. My data connections, in both play store and in phone settings are set to update over

- Depending on the device environment, the update may not be supported on the Google Play Store. - If this is the case, please upgrade the software to R OS or check the Galaxy Store as well. Find useful information quickly and easily on the Always On Display without turning the screen on.

Everyone. Support Android Version. Android 19 and above. App Package.

Navigating smart phone menus can be harder than it sounds, so check out our simple guide to stop you accidentally spending.

Turn Off Screen Apk Download for Android

Download & Install Turn Off Screen 1.6 App Apk on Android Phones.

Occasionally, my laptop screen will turn off while I'm in the middle of using my laptop. I am not doing anything to cause it to turn off, and when the screen goes dark, all I have to do is move the mouse and the screen comes back on. Any ideas what's going on here?

By default, Android is usually configured to enable your screen lock shortly after your display goes to sleep. In my experience, you get 5 seconds. Should you happen to misplace your device with the display turned on, which is more likely with a greater timeout setting, there would be nothing stopping anyone that finds your gear from accessing your system. Stock Android, as well as most other versions of Android, have built in tools to manage your screen timeout, and the process is fairly simple.

Turn your screen off, wait a few seconds, then turn it back on. Now they should be off and will remain off until either you reboot or you toggle the Auto field again (which toggling it simply brings you back to step 5 to fix again). Not perfect but very easy.

Audio streaming stop when screen gets Off in android

I am streaming mp3 on media-player, it plays continuos when your screen is on or you are doing multitasking but when you turn off screen it won't play audio continuously, it stucks many times.And I got this "info/warning (702,0) "on log cat. I tried mp.setWakeMode(getBaseContext(),PowerManager.FULL_WAKE_LOCK)

The technology, offers, etc. attract the users to have an Android smartphone. But you can face many types of issues with your device such as screen turns off when watching videos on Android devices. However, every problem has its solution. So, do not be a worry. You can try to solve this problem.

The term 'screen timeout' refers to the time it takes for your smartphone or tablet to go to sleep (the screen turns off) after you've stopped interacting with it. The average screen timeout sits around 30 seconds to one minute, depending on your device. For many users, this is acceptable, but there are

As the firs way for disabling a lock, it is suggested to activate the Smart Lock function. It is available on all modern devices on Android operating system, including Apache A7-Kids (Blue). The essence of the option is that the phone does not lock the screen in the next cases: Physical contact.

11.10 - Music stops when screen turns off - Ask Ubuntu

Music stops playing when the screen turns off (Like powersave mode / when the screensaver turns on) when it gets to the end of the currently playing song. If I come back to the computer it will start playing again. I tried making the computer not lock in case that was the cause but it still stops playing when the screen saver comes on.

You can decide whether or not to maintain a Wi-Fi connection when the screen is off. Keeping the connection enables you to use Wi-Fi immediately when you next use your device, but it also drains battery. The exact process for preventing Wi-Fi shutoff varies slightly based on which version of Android you have, but you can check the version in the device settings.

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